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Learning from Mother Teresa Essay -- Graduate College Admissions Essay

Learning from Mother Teresa       Mother Teresa is the most important peace hero of the 20th Century. Many have focused on bringing peace by political means, both violent and non-violent. Though these means may bring temporary relief, they treat only the symptoms of violence. Mother Teresa addressed the root of all violence which is in the human heart. She believed in an active peacemaking and taught that "works of love are works of peace." (Collopy 14) Her power came from three things: a radical understanding of peace, unwavering devotion to victims of all types of violence, and the beautiful example of her life.    Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Albania, in 1910 (Vardey xx). In 1928 she joined the Loretto order to work as a teacher in India. Her true calling came in 1946 when, according to Mother Teresa, "I was traveling to Darjeeling by train, when I heard the voice of God... The message was clear. I must leave the convent to help the poor by living among them" (Sebba 46). Mother Teresa left the confines of the Loretto order to begin her own ministry. In 1950 she received papal permission to found a new religious order, the Missionaries of Charity (Associated Press, Highlights). Through the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa brought true peace and hope to millions.    Love is the most fundamental peace. Peace that comes from love is not simply the absence of conflict, it is active, living, and engages our truest selves. It is this positive peace that was Mother Teresa's radical vision. For Mother Teresa, peace was so much more than political stability. Nations do not suffer, individuals do. Nations cannot be at peace unless individuals are at peace. Mother Theresa said, "The whole... ...h all you meet. Remember, Works of love are works of peace." (Collopy 14). By valuing every human being, by finding Jesus even in the poorest of the poor, Mother Teresa was a hero because she gave peacemaking love to all she met, and taught others to do likewise by her example.    Works Cited    Associated Press. Mother Teresa in Her Own Words. 1997 Highlights of Mother Teresa's Life. 1997 CNN. "Saint of the Gutters". 1997 Collopy, Michael. Works of Love are Works of Peace. San Francisco: Ignatius, 1996. Sebba, Anne. Mother Teresa. New York: Doubleday, 1997. Vardey, Lucinda. Mother Teresa-A Simple Path. New York: Ballantine Books, 1995.

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Enron and its Shortcomings Essay -- essays research papers

Enron’s overall business practices are not ethical. One business practice of Enron that I think poses an ethical issue is their attitude towards its employees. They create a highly competitive and a result oriented business atmosphere. They used a system where they would rank employees every half a year and fire employees who ranked on the bottom 1/5 of the scores. This kind of attitude where only results matter and if you don’t produce anything good you will get fired will only hurt the company. This promotes unethical behavior and getting what needs to be done to get good results no matter what and if you do well you will receive big bonuses. This approach towards Enron’s employees did not have very good utilitarian reasoning. This doesn’t help employees morale and psychological satisfaction. The cost of this kind of approach was very low because in fact you will weed out the slackers but the results Enron had where employees afraid to question unethica l situations in Enron in fear of their jobs.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another section of Enron’s business practice that is definitely not ethical is their accounting methods. In a technical aspect their accounting methods were fine, but this was only because of a loophole. Andrew S. Fastow was described as a financial whiz kid because of these loopholes that he knew how to take advantage of. Some of these things that he, and Enron, were able to take advantage of were the setups of special purpose entities. They would setup these special purpose entities and have either their friends or employees to invest in these special purpose entities so that Enron my say that their debts and liabilities are actually under the special purpose entities and not of Enron. This made it look like Enron didn’t have as much debt as it should have had. A second practice in the accounting methods that were not ethical was their manipulation of their revenue. What they did was to make either their earnings more or inflating their stock. They would make sure that any potential deals that could make money in the future they wrote down in the books in the present, which is not a good accounting practice. Also they used sham swaps with other companies that would buy products and services with each other to make it look like they where making sales and money, when in fact that all they did was trade some assets and wrote a sale.... ...d of the day. Enron’s legal responsibility was low while their economic responsibility was relatively high. They wanted to make money but they where doing it the illegal way, and because of this their social responsibility was just terrible. In the end of the company no matter what was done all the illegal actions were catching up to them and this showed to the world how irresponsible Enron was. They were not socially responsible to any of their stakeholder. The stocks fell and their company went into bankruptcy, many people lost money. Employees lost their jobs and life earnings, and because Enron was a huge company the end of Enron had a ripple affect. All other companies that worked with Enron lost business and they might have had to cut back on costs. Customers lost because they didn’t have the services of Enron, a company that deals with electricity, water, broadband, pulp, paper, and lumber. Creditors had to write off loads of bad debt because Enron would not be able to pay it back. Companies should take a look at Enron’s approach to business and learn that you need to responsibly balance all three responsibilities of business to have a successful business in today’s world.

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Do It Yourself Natural Beauty Tips

Having beautiful skin, complexion and body involves eating healthy and right Some of the best beauty treatment and solutions are simple foods found in our kitchen or grocery stores. These foods are easily available and cheap as you can buy them during your marketing trip. The best about natural foods is that these foods do not contain preservatives, chemicals or irritant fragrances present in many commercial brands products.These natural food can be used for natural remedies and improve our body overall health. These foods also provide a quick beauty fix routine at the comfort of your home. Simply grab one of these foods from your fridge and start your health and beauty treatment immediately. * To be on the safe side, it is suggested that you patch test these foods to check for any allergic reaction before spreading them over your face and skin. Steep a pair of Earl Grey teabags in boiling water, run them under a tap and place over eyes for 10 minutes before night out. Use four bags of chamomile tea.Leave them to steep for 5 minutes then hold your face over the bowl. Freeze cooled chamomile tea in an ice-cube tray. When set, remove cubes and run over your face. Soak some gauze in cooled green tea and apply on skin the way you would a toner. OLIVE OIL Heat a cup of olive oil in the microwave for a few seconds. Massage onto dry areas of your skin. Heat enough olive oil to fill half a small clothes basin. Soak your hands in the oil for about 10 minutes, followed by the feet. Use it as a conditioner by leaving warmed olive oil on your hair for 15 minutes before shampoo.Remove all traces of cascara by dipping an overused mascara wand into some olive oil and use it to apply on your lashes the way you would mascara. Chop up a cucumber and drizzle a few drops of lemon Juice in the mixture. Apply on your face. Soothe tired eyes by cutting two rounds and place them on the eyelids. Rub down hot skin with a mixture of chopped cucumber, olive oil and plain yoghurt. LEMON Fo r sparkling teeth, mix one teaspoon of fresh lemon Juice with one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and half teaspoon of salt. Use like toothpaste – once a week.Lighten the skin and smoothen rough edges of elbows and knees. Cut a lemon into two halves and rest your elbows in each half for 15 minutes. Or squeeze Juice of lemon and apply on your knees. TOMATO Peel a tomato and chop it finely before spreading on face. Work as an effective cleanser and gentle astringent to tighten pores. Squeeze Juice of an orange and mix with a tablespoon of plain yoghurt. Apply on face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off after 10 minutes and splash face with cold water. POTATOES A great way to get rid of dark underage circles. Run a large potato in a blender.Squeeze the pulp to get rid of excess Juice and form two patties from it. Place the patties over your eyes and keep them there for 10 minutes. APRICOTS Pound the kernel and add body lotion to blend into smooth paste. Use it as a gentle exfoliat ed for face. Note the pip is the rough â€Å"seed† and the ivory kernel is what you need when split open the pip. MAYONNAISE Massage mayonnaise into your hair after shampoo. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinse off. You can also use mayonnaise as a lip mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes before removing with cold water.AVOCADOS Mash a ripe one and use it as a facial mask; rinse off after 10 minutes. To get rid of puffy eyes; use a linen cloth, make a â€Å"moneybag† filled with mashed avocado. Dab it gently on eyes. GINGER Chop ginger and mix it with body lotion for a facial scrub. Avoid the sensitive eye MILK Soak a cotton pad with cool fresh milk and press it gently all over your face. Besides protein to feed your face, it gets rid of dirt thoroughly. Chill a cup of milk in the fridge before pouring the contents into a clothes spray. Use it like a sprinter over inflamed skin.Warm a bowl of milk in the microwave for half a minute and pour contents into a clothes ba sin. Soak your feet for half an hour and then give tit good hard brush to remove dead skin. Mix two teaspoons of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of honey with Just enough warm water to make a thick paste. Spread the mixture all over your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with water. For a three-in-one pre-bath treatment; blend two tablespoons of brown sugar with one teaspoon of fresh lemon Juice and two to three drops of olive oil.Rub the paste over rough areas like the knees and elbows. Citric IAC d trot the lemon unclogs the ores, skin-polishing sugar gets rid of surface dirt and olive oil moisture the skin. Run about 10 unripe cherries in a blender. Mix the Juice with a tablespoon of dry oatmeal and use as a five-minute facial mask. For the body; mix cherry Juice with a tablespoon of sea salt and massage over damp Dilute one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of water then heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds. When it's cooled, apply on your lips and lea ve for 10 minutes.To dry out pimples, pour out a teaspoon of honey into a bowl. Dip a cotton bud into the honey and apply on the spots. For a temporary facilitate, use Just the eight. Mix it with a tablespoon of honey and spread over face and throat in an upward motion. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Whisk egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil and leave on your hair for a few minutes before your shampoo. It makes a great hair conditioner. Mash half a ripe papaya with two teaspoons of honey.Apply to areas of face that are prone to wrinkles such as between the brows and along the sides of the nose. Leave on it for 10 minutes. Recommend below are the secret recipe for healthy drinking. Carrot + Ginger + Apple ; Boost and cleanse our system. Apple + Cucumber + Celery ; Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and improve stomach upset and headache. Tomato + Carrot + Apple ; Improve skin complexion and bad breath. Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk ; Avoid bad breath and re duce internal body heat.

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High School and Essay Entitlement Education Essay

High school is a place where students can slide easily through. They do not have to put forth any effort to get a good grade. They feel that they can get maximum achievement with minimum work. To some high school is way too easy and that they can just cake walk through. However, to others, such as author Daniel Bruno, it is an imperfect reality that many high school students get sucked into. In his essay â€Å"Entitlement Education,† Daniel Bruno courageously uncovers the truth about how high school students take advantage of the No Child Left Behind policy. Daniel goes behind the curtains to reveal real life high school and how students are not trying to achieve greatness but just enough or nothing at all. In America we have a society that allows our students to not try their best in school. Students wake up knowing that they don’t have to try as hard because they will receive a passing grade. Daniel exposes how students are under prepare for college because they lack the knowledge being taught in high school. They do not pay close attention because again they expect or they feel that they are entitled to a good grade. They will also be cheated because their lives will be less. They will get find his or her self at a disadvantage on a job. They say that intelligence is the quality of his or her life. A person may have knowledge but no intelligence. So, they can know all the facts there is to know but cannot apply it to solve problems or make connections. In conclusion, entitlement does go on forever. They are cheated out of a number of things before they even realize it. Entitlement is only handicapping high school students from the next level which is college. Entitlement can ruin the dreams of students who are caught up in this unreal reality and think they are entitled to anything. Work Cited â€Å"Almanac.† The Chronicle of Higher Education. Chronicle Of Higher Education, 2000. Web. 18 Oct. 2001.

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Danone History Essay

1.history: The original company bearing the corporate name was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso, a Spanish physician of Greek origin, in Barcelona. In 1923, he came up with a unique treatment for patient with digestive problems and he developed a product that he distributed though pharmacies and drug stores, and which soon became a big success-yoghurt. The factory was named Danone, a Catalan diminutive of the name of his first son, Daniel Carasso. Ten years later, the company moved from Spain to neighboring France and the first French factory was built. In 1949, the yoghurt was firstly packaged in a glass can. In 1951, this glass package replaced the porcelain can which was used before and because of this change the yoghurt became more popular and very common in diary healthy alimentation. In 1968, Danone was firstly announced in TV. Some years later, they extended their brand by producing â€Å"petit suise† (1972), â€Å"Natillas† (1974) and also the first non-fat (1985). In 1988, Danone commercialized â€Å"Bio Yoghurt†, which nowadays helps us with digestive matters. In 1992, Danone was the main sponsor of the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games which added more popularity to the company. One year later, Danone Institute was born. The aim of this institute is to improve the citizen nutrition habits. In 1995, Danone continued extending its brand by incorporating Actimel, which supposed a revolution in the alimentary world due to its purpose of defense. In 1998, Danone was the official sponsor of France football world championship. 2 years later, they create the official website of Danone: In 2004, Danone commercialized â€Å"Danacol†, a product which aim is to reduce cholesterol in a simple and efficient way. Danone launched a campaign in order to encourage families to lead a healthy lifestyle :†Danone Family†. In 2006, Danone started producing soya yoghurts 100 % vegetal. DANONE NOWADAYS†¦ Since 1998, Groupe DANONE has been organised in three business divisions worldwide which, in 2004, represented more than 97% of its consolidated sales: Fresh Dairy Products which groups together yoghurts, desserts and infant foods represent about 50% of the Groupe’s consolidated sales,  Beverages, essentially packaged water, which represent about 25% of consolidated sales and Biscuits and Cereal products, which represent about 22% of consolidated sales. The motors of this supported growth are: a strong health/ well-being positioning, at the heart of concerns of consumers and new consumption opportunities (times or places) combined with the dynamism of the growth of emerging countries. This focus on 3 dynamic categories allows the company to have a determining strategic asset at its disposal to continue to display a growth rate that is higher than the average in the sector. 2.Internationalization: Balanced geographical presence Today nearly 31% of the company’s sales are on emerging markets. This brings Danone close to its target, which is to do 40% of business on emerging markets and 60% in developed countries – a balanced presence that means they benefit from both the high potential of developing economies and the steady demand of more mature markets. In recent years, Group DANONE has built up strong positions on emerging markets to take the number-one place in each of their three core businesses. This successful international expansion rewards a strategy focusing on a limited number of countries, selected for their growth potential, where Danone has the size to achieve significant economies of scale. Products within the reach of most consumers, high-profile brands, and effective, wide-ranging distribution for sales close to consumers are the essential components of our model for profitable growth on emerging markets, which we sum up as affordability, awareness and availability. In Western Europe, too, Group DANONE can look forward to continued, steady growth, building on strengths that include well-established positions. World leadership built on local strength In each of its business lines Danone is a world leader, which gives it a clear competitive advantage in terms of marketing expertise, industrial efficiency, breadth of product ranges and R&D. And in each case, world leadership is built on strong number one positions on local markets, enabling the company to forge both close ties to consumers and balanced, long-term relationships with major retailers., unrivalled familiarity with  local consumers, and a recognized capacity for effective innovation 3.INTERNAL CHACARTERISTICS: VALUES/FUNCTIONS/ SWOT: -Strengths- In this part of the SWOT analysis we will focus on the strengths of the company. * Brand loyalty Danone disposes of an excellent background which, along with the consumer’s product perception creates this brand loyalty which allows the demand to be inelastic. Therefore Danone guarantees its sells stability. (falta rollo) * Innovation thanks to Danone Institute, this company is able to invest on a regular basis, in R&D, obtaining from it new product lines which fulfill consumer’s needs. * Distribution channels Since the beginnings Danone reaches daily every single supermarket in every corner of the world thanks to its perfectly adapted transportation system which maintains all the products fresh and ready to be consumed. * Danone has a perfect flow of information inside the company. Information travels perfectly, up and down the hierarchical pyramid. Departments have coordination policies in order to take the maximum profit of their resources. This philosophy gives a chance to creativity and allows to improve current product lines as well as to launch new ones. -Weaknesses- * Danone depends basically on daily products. We consider that if the company really wants to keep growing and becoming one of the multinational leaders, it should diversify its income sources. * A main problem Danone has, when willing to grow by exporting outside the EU is that its products are fresh and with a short caducity period. Therefore, if the company wants to take good positioning in foreign markets, it must invest in new facilities. Another option would be to create new product ranges of non-refrigerated yogurts which caducity periods are longer. -Opportunities- Danone Vitalinea has a strong presence in the fat free yoghurt market. Its 56% market share gives Danone the opportunity to invest in R&D in order to launch to the market new fat free products and sell them to the same  consumers. Taking advantage of the increasing personal image concern, Vitalinea should be one of the strongest ranges of Danone Yoghurts, in order to properly supply the latent demand. Some segments of the population are not a target for Danone, and this should change. Danone should be a brand that consumers would buy every time they go to the store. Danone should be a brand that every family should have at home. The way to achieve it is to differentiate its products by offering special flavours and innovative possibilities. The consumer needs to know that Danone is the only brand that can offer the more specialized products, without forgetting about health, quality and price. -Threats- Danone Vitalinea is facing a market where too many products are offered to the different costumers. As we know, Danone Vitalinea has a 56% yoghurt market share, but competitors actually fight for the rest 44%. Danone offers quality products with high prices and competitors offer lower prices for the same type of products. This means that the consumer should receive a big added value when deciding to buy a Danone product. This market is plenty of imported products from other countries that accomplish with health and quality standards that Danone offers. The critical point is that they offer it at a lower price and if consumers decide to change Danone for another cheaper imported brand and they like it, Danone will definitely loose these consumers.

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A seminar on “Beginning For Beginnger” Essay

A seminar on â€Å"Beginning For Beginnger† was held at DKU at Faculty of Business Managemnet. This seminar was held on 9 June 2012-06-24. This seminar was begin on 2.00Pm – 5PM. It was jointly organised by all part three student who take Mgt538 in this semester. The purpose of the Seminar was to talk about lessons and challenges in facing currunt enviroment on studies and future working enviroment. It focused mainly on the attitutes, styles and action that should be take to faced all the situation. All part three students whose take this subject are compulsory to attented this seminar. The Programme is given at DKU that situated in Faculty of Business Management. The seminar was given by Cik Noor Syuhada,caunsellor Uitm Seri Iskandar Perak. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The seminar was structured in a way that helped participants to walk through the issues, starting from the relevance of the organisational context, along the issues that have to be addressed, the intended or assumed and finally to the actual implementation. The objectives of the seminar were to provide insight in the issues, to identify the mistake ,and to discuss the possible approaches for formulating and implementing tools that can be take. In order to encourage discussion and a more focussed exchange of information practical sessions were scheduled .During these sessions participants could ask some questions and share thoughts with each other and the speakers. THE POSITIVE IMPACTS The seminar participants agreed that : 1. This programs will help them to improve their knowledge on facing their future enviroment especially during their working enviroment. 2. Many participants were given a chance to ask any questions and they also were give a chance to share some idea or tips that will give benefits to all participants. 3. It is important that all parties to attends,it will give a common understanding about what these and other key terms mean. 4. The seminar have give them a lot of tips on attending interviews and facing interviews session that will improve their confident to facing that. THE NEGATIVE IMPACTS The side impacts that can be conclude from the seminar : 1. Some participants not focus during the seminar. 2. They playing games on their mobile phone, chatting, talking and etc. 3. Not all students have confidents to ask questions even they have intention to do so. 4. Sessions for students to discuss among themselves was not held. RECOMMENDATIONS : Some recommendations that can be take are : 1. Small group discussion can be do in oreder to give participants share or discuss among themselves about the issues on the seminar. 2. Students should be ask to switch off their phone during the seminar. 3. Try to encourage students to build up their confident to share, ask or gine opinion during the seminar. CONCLUSIONS : The feedback of the participants confirmed that the seminar was very much appreciated as well as that there is a pressing need for more practical approaches and for other opportunities to discuss the many issues. The speakers came also from different backgrounds and presented the audience with different practical experiences, insights, and views, both at an organisational and national level. It gave a good impression and understanding of the many perspectives. The seminar have improve knowlegde among participant and will benefits to them in facing their future working enviroments.

Leader ship class 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Leader ship class 3 - Essay Example This can be done through the study of all the employees and their competitive performance in the recent seasons and events within the organization. The wage record over last few seasons is of importance and allows making decision in a more professional manner. All the bonuses and increments so added are compared against the performance delivered by the individuals. This in parallel with those who have had good performances yet little lift up in the financial aspect can also be encouraged and accommodated through the layoff schemes. The decisions must not be based only on the financial aspect, rather the productivity, the overall benefits to the organization and other factors. The old age pension scheme, those who are of little value and have showed inclination towards self retirement may also be considered for a lay off. The annual budget values must also be taken into account against the given set of number of employees and the subsequent decision of